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L2J Frozen 485 Revision interlude

la data de Mar 25 Ian 2011, 16:28
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[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]
Kone didžiausias L2J Brasil konkurentas tarp nemokamų L2J paketų.

Pataisymai nuo 402-ojo Revision (labai senai patalpintas jis čia buvo):
Fix to fishing actions: cannot equip other weapons while fishing;
Fix to potions: delete potion after relative skill cast and not before;
Fix to skill casting: if any skill is in progress, no other skills can be performed and enter in queue;
Fix to fishing actions: cannot cast fishing skills if not fishing or without fishing pole;
Now only the augment passive skills effects will be leaved once the augmented weapon changed;
L2jServer Script ported with some useful improvements, to be tested;
Little fix to Channel List update into CommunityBoard;
New Frintezza script, to be tested possible choice between available scripts into config;
Little fix to Pvp-Pk rewards;
Fix Blinding Blow, now its w/o stun;
Little changes on Frintezza L2j Script;
New English html for extractable items;
Fixes to Raid Boss Self Skills;
Fix to Zaken Open Door Thread;
Fix to online player list with debug logs for "strange" cases;
Improvement to insert Pk Kills into Database;
Fixes to Frintezza_l2j doors;
Important Javolution and MMOCore Updates to last L2jServer one;
Fix to Behind Attack Issue;
Improved/Moved anti farm on pvp;
Custom PVP Color System change Nick Color;
More configs to Rebirth System;
Protection against L2j Killer packets;
Improvements to L2AttackableAI and to L2WorldRegion Scripts;
Just comment on Zaken Script and little fix to L2Character one;
Deleted L2Dc Frintezza Script, improved L2j Frintezza Script; disabled: now frintezza L2j is the default script;
New build system, use default build target to create local build folder with relative zip file. If you need to compile into a particular destination folder, just modify the as you wish: the files into destination folders are updated to last build action if something change;
New AIO Features;
Possible database update throught aio_creation_update.sql script;
Fix to L2AttackableAI Conditions;
Some typos improvements, some logs will be showed just with debug option, fixed closeNow operation into L2GameClient (fixed double char issue);
VoteAutoReward Enable/Disable Option;
Skill Fixed/checked;
Skill Fixed/checked part 2;
Augmentations Configs for Active/Passive skills effect remove on weapon change (;
Fix to Hero Circlet delete after custom hero item end date;
Little fix to Character Creation;
Baium's Skills Checked/Fixed;
Fix XML Break Duress & Cancellation;
Warnings refactoring (pack cleaned);
Gordon Script Fix;
Fix XML for Madness, Fear, Curse Discord // CONFUSE_MOB_ONLY must be reworked;
Turn Undead's lethal fixed;
Fix Hex isDebuff;
Fix Overpowered dagger classes //XML Focus Chance, Focus Death, Focus Power;
Gladiator's skills checked;
Added Lethal to Blow Skills;
Fix XML Counterattack (Effect must be reworked);
Fix XML Surrender/Gloom isDebuff;
Important update to allow Admins to enable all exceptions (also hidden one) logs. Be careful to enable it, a lot of not useful logs will be produced;
Improvement to admin AIO commands with access level control: use the aio_access_rights.sql update script to update your database;
Fix to "double login issue", now you should be able to enter after a forced Disconnection (Critical Error);
Improvements to some Admin Scripts (Part 1);
Configurable Say Social Action;
Configurable MMOCore Exceptions logs;
Improvements on MMOCore system read action (no connection means no read now);
Improvement on deleteMe L2PcInstance operation (when deleted, the player instance is deleted from L2World too);
Improvement on each disconnection: after each player delete there is the store operation to prevent rollbacks;
Global/Trade PVP Chat Mod;
Fix on shutdown operation;
Fix on login issue: when a char is already into L2World, it's deleted and the next char enter into the world;
Checked/Fixed some skill;
Now snipe's effect works only with bow;
AIO System Optimized L2Object cleanup;
Checked Skills;
Checked Skills part 2;
Important Agumentations Update Only 1 slot for Active Augument;
Fix Trance, isDebuff;
All new L2j Libraries are now integrated (with licenses);
Improved Log Section and Admin Commands actions;
Fixed GMAudit;
Added Trade Actions logs to Item log;
Fix Silence XML, isDebuff;
Announcements Admin Command Fix and Create Item Fix;
Improvement to Logs;
Checked all RB Jewels skills;
Fix Anchor XML Time power and isDebuff;
Fix XML War Chant value and all Shocks;
Second Important update for Augmentations: Static Reuse/Hit and Reuse time;
Some checks improvements/Fixes;
Added new Adapted Baium_L2j Script and Monastery_L2j Script (enable just one script throught;
Fix to IceQueen Script;
Fix to Monastery Script for Shadow Mode;
#485: Little update //Checked some skills.

Download : [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]
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Re: L2J Frozen 485 Revision interlude

la data de Mar 25 Ian 2011, 16:31
un admin sa dea edit si la link 1 sa pui asta [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]
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Re: L2J Frozen 485 Revision interlude

la data de Mier 26 Ian 2011, 19:40
ce e asta server update ca eu nu inteleg nimic?
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Re: L2J Frozen 485 Revision interlude

la data de Vin 11 Feb 2011, 18:09
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Re: L2J Frozen 485 Revision interlude

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